Project Description

Lab Tech/Administrative Assistant

Askohpt-100-web a graduate from the University of California, Irvine with a BS in Biological Sciences, Tanisa gained a strong interest in the human body, the physiology and how it operates under various conditions.

Growing up, Tanisa has always had a strong interest in public health and has always greatly valued the importance of fitness and leading a healthy lifestyle. Her interest in the field originated when her father went through physical therapy for several months after a knee replacement surgery.  He enjoyed going to physical therapy and spoke highly of how the physical therapists were helping him gain his quality of life back very quick. Immediately, she knew that she wanted to have the same impact on the lives of others and play a role in their recovery process.

Through various medical volunteer programs and hospital internships, Tanisa was able to solidify her decision to pursue a career in Physical Therapy. She is currently taking additional prerequisite courses to apply for physical therapy schools this upcoming fall of 2017.