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Common patient FAQ

Physical Therapy is not only beneficial for those who have recently undergone surgery or a hospital stay, it can also work wonders to reduce pain and improve recovery time from all sorts of injuries. At KOH Physical Therapy Lab we offer many treatments including therapeutic exercises, functional training, manual therapy, neuromuscular re-education and self-care education which help with acute conditions as well as chronic cases while promoting mobility and preventing the need for surgery or disability.

Bring your insurance card(s), drivers license, prescription or referral from your physician and any medical notes and records related to your injury.
The law doesn’t require it, anymore.  However, some insurance plans still do require it. Please call your insurance company to confirm. We will also check your benefits for billing purposes and go over them with you at your first session.

Medicare plan requires a prescription at first visit.

Loose comfortable clothing, gym wear, is recommended so that the areas being assessed are easily exposed for examination, with comfortable shoes.  Shorts is helpful to wear if you have a lower body injury. Gowns and shorts are available for your convenience.
When you first arrive at the clinic, have your insurance card and driver’s license available for photocopy. You will also need to provide us with your prescription for physical therapy from your doctor and any other medical notes.

Paperwork will be given to you to fill out. It is recommended that you come 15-20 minutes prior to your booked appointment time to complete the paperwork. You can also download the paperwork to complete ahead of time to save time and bring to your appointment.

On your first appointment (Initial Evaluation) your Injury Specialist will ask you a series of questions about your past and present medical conditions, before performing a comprehensive evaluation of your muscles, joints, nerves, tendons, and ligaments including range of motion, strength and functional testing. Based on your diagnosis, prognosis and your personal goals, an individual “Plan of Care” will be devised. There is usually some treatment on the first visit as well. Future appointments will then be scheduled to implement the plan.

Yes, we have dedicated private treatment rooms to maximize comfort for patients.
Each session is based on individual needs, our Injury Specialist are striving for most efficient and effective treatment. The length will be dependent on how your feel that day and how much you can tolerate.

Involves one-on-one manual therapy treatment with the physical therapist, therapeutic exercise performed at the clinic to ensure proper mechanics and techniques and usually ends with cold laser therapy treatment.  It is important to perform home exercises as prescribed by the physical therapist outside of the clinic. The first visit usually takes a few minutes longer then usual follow up sessions.

This is highly variable. You may need one visit or you may need a few months. It depends on your diagnosis, the severity of your impairments, past medical history, prior level of function etc. The physical therapist will discuss with you how many visits you will require and how long you should expect to be in physical therapy to reach maximal function.
Most patients are treated two to three times per week. The total duration of physical therapy will depend on the severity of your injury and the plan of care established by your Injury Specialist. The more committed you are to your recovery (meaning you regularly attend your PT sessions and performing your home exercise program); the more likely you are to recover faster.
Soreness is totally normal and is usually not a bad thing and will usually go away soon. If there is an actual setback, then it’s best to come back in as soon as possible so that your Physical Therapist can help you resolve it.
Yes.  We will customize a home treatment program —comprised of advice on how to reduce your pain, exercises and stretches for you so that you can continue your rehabilitation process in between physical therapy sessions. It is essential that you follow the instructions and perform the home exercises regularly to control your symptoms and speed up recovery.
This will vary for each individual. Therapeutic exercise is a very important component of your rehabilitation program. Compliance with a home exercise program will facilitate recovery, makes changes from physical therapy more permanent and help prevent risk of re-injury. The exercises always performed at the clinic first before it is prescribed for your home program to make sure it is done correctly. A hand out will be given with diagrams to help you remember your home program.
We accept all Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), EPO and POS insurances, plus Medicare, Worker’s Compensation insurance, and Med-Pay associated with Motor Vehicle Accidents and Liens on a case by case. We are an In-Network preferred provider with Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross, BCBS, Blue Shield of CA, United Health Care and Medicare.

Just because we are not listed in your insurance company’s provider book or website does not mean that we cannot accept your insurance.

It is your responsibility to understand your insurance coverage for physical therapy prior to your first visit.  In addition, it is your responsibility to provide our office with your most updated insurance information.

As a courtesy to our patients and for billing purposes, we verify insurance benefits. We may go over your coverage at your initial evaluation session.  Please understand that this is only an estimate and your insurance company ultimately determines the amount you are responsible after claims are finalized. In the event that your insurance denies your claim, you are liable for the full cost of treatment.  If you have questions about your insurance benefits, please call your insurance company.

The amount paid out of pocket depends on individual insurance plans and coverage. We will verify your insurance for billing purposes and explain your benefits and financial responsibility at your first visit. For those patients without coverage options, cash rates are available.
Yes. We offer varies self pay rate and packages. Call our office for more information.

Major difference both the professionals is that physical therapists work with soft tissue and muscles, whereas chiropractors work with nerves, vertebra, and spinal cord.

Location FAQ

Yes, you can go to any of our locations for your physical therapy sessions.

Each location has different operating hours. Please refer to each location.

Please call or text us at (949) 540-5641. Please do not send any sensitive information over text or email.

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We accept all PPO, EPO and POS insurances, plus Medicare, Worker’s Compensation insurance, and Med-Pay and Liens. We are an In-Network preferred provider with Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross, BCBS, Blue Shield of CA, BS Covered California, United Health Care and Medicare. We also have flexible cash packages.