Chief Injury Officer/Chief Injury Specialist

Dr. Koh is a sports and orthopedic physical therapist with over 22 years of experience. He earned his B.S. degree in Physiological Sciences from the University of California at Los Angeles, as well as his Master’s and Doctor of Physical Therapy from the University of Southern California. In doing so, Dr. Koh became the youngest graduate ever to earn an advanced Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy in USC’s history. In 2007, Dr. Koh earned a Master’s in Business Administration from USC’s Marshall School of Business. While at USC, Dr. Koh served on faculty as a Teaching Assistant in Orthopedics. Soon after, Dr. Koh founded KOH Education to teach clinicians and students the latest research-based techniques in the field. He holds 25-30 seminars/lectures a year nationwide as Chief Clinical Instructor at AQuire

Early in his career, Dr. Koh was a staff physical therapist at UCLA Medical Center before accepting an Orthopedic Residency Program with Kaiser Permanente. Dr. Koh specializes in orthopedics, cardiac, and neuro-rehabilitation. In addition to his orthopedic credentials, Dr. Koh demonstrated years of experience and expertise in age-related diseases and injuries common to the geriatric population. He is a nationally Board Certified Geriatric Clinical Specialist (less than 1% of all physical therapists in the U.S. have this classification).

Dr. Koh’s interests are in manual techniques such as soft tissue mobilization, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM), and joint thrust techniques (joint mobilization). He utilizes international treatment techniques originating from Russia, Norway, France, Great Britain, Italy, South America, Korea and Australia that are within the scope of physical therapy practice.

Dr. Koh is passionate about continued education as a way to stay at the forefront of his profession. As a lifelong learner, he is certified in various techniques and has completed courses with the latest research on Spinal Fascial Stretches, Myofascial Stretching, Fascial Joint Pumping Techniques, and Fascial Normalization Techniques. Currently, Dr. Koh is one of 14 providers nationwide to be certified in Fascial Manipulation Techniques and one of two providers in California to be certified at the Master’s level. Similarly, he is the first and only Master’s level Active Release Techniques provider in Los Angeles and Orange County. Dr. Koh is a certified Graston Techniques provider. With the rise in understanding the importance of pelvic health on a number of diagnoses such as urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction, unremitting pelvic a nd low back pain, Dr. Koh has built over the years experience starting from his orthopedic residency to now understanding and treating pelvic health issues for both identifying males and female patients. Treatments include manual techniques for the fascial, myofascial and other soft tissue therapies, coccyx mobilizations and pelvic floor corrective exercises. Dr. Koh and the KohPT team also employ the most advanced modalities such as Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy, biofeedback and lasers to aid in Pelvic Health Rehabilitation.

Dr. Koh has a strong interest in applying scientific knowledge to train athletes in improving their overall performance. He is recognized as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), where he has been a professional member since 2006. He is the former Southern California State Director and Regional Director for the NSCA, overseeing more than 6,000 regional members. He has been a member of the organization’s Advisory Board as well.

Dr. Koh utilizes various exercise-based techniques while treating both athletes and patient in his own practice. He is one of very few physical therapists certified as a Russian Kettlebell Instructor (RKC). Other certifications include Level 1 Heavy Ropes Coach and Level 1 Sandbag Dynamic Variable Resistance Coach. He is a certified provider for Functional Movement Screening and Blood Flow Restriction Exercise. Dr. Koh has also completed EXOS (Formerly Athletes Mentorship Program Levels 1-3).

Dr. Koh is continuously invited as a guest speaker to share on his expertise. He has spoken at universities such as UCI Department of Sports Medicine, USC School of Physical Therapy, SHU School of Physical Therapy, Columbia University School of Physical Therapy, Loma Linda Residency Program, and RICE University. He has also been invited to speak at conferences for the California Physical Therapy Association (CPTA), the California Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy Special Interest Group (COMPTSIG) and the NSCA, where he speaks on therapeutic applications using kettle bells and heavy ropes, rehabilitation for athletes, and sports related injuries. While Dr. Koh largely speaks on topics relating to physical therapy, he has spoken on subjects such as entrepreneurship and business development as well. Topics include “Starting a Physical Therapy Business during a Recession” and “Starting a Business during a Recession: How to Open a $180,000 Gym with $500 (true story).” Dr. Koh finds these particular speaking events rewarding and views them as a chance to educate future and current professionals in the field. He also participated in consulting and instructing IASTM, joint manipulation, and neuromuscular taping for the Chinese Olympic committee.

Dr. Koh has also spoken for athletics organizations including the New York Knicks NBA Team, New York Liberty WNBA Team, Jacksonville Jaguars NFL Team, Elite Sports and Spine Expo, and COPA World Conference. Other speaking clients include military and city departments, such as the U.S. Naval Special Warfare PT Department, U.S. Army Med Dept. at Fort Bragg, Los Angeles Fire Department, San Diego Fire Department, and CALTRANS, and corporations, such as Kaiser Medical Centers, Baylor Hospital, Netflix, Paramount Studios, OMNI Hotels and Resort, Snap Inc, and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (Academy Awards).

Dr. Koh maintains relations with his alma mater as President of the USC Physical Therapy Alumni Association. He has been an invited speaker for the USC School of Physical Therapy white coat ceremony  and a commencement speaker for the School’s graduation in 2013, 2014, and 2015. He also serves on the program advisory board for Irvine Valley College Physical Therapy Assistant School and Concord College of Physical Therapy Assistant School. He is also a member of the Specialization Academy of Content Experts (SACE) as a question writer for all National Board Specialty Examinations conducted by the APTA. 

Dr. Koh has applied his extensive knowledge to assist individual athletes from national sports teams and organizations, including the NFL, NBA, WTA, AVP, LPGA, UFC, MLB, WCAA, Olympics, and the Canadian National Track & Field Team. Dr. Koh has enjoyed being a member of various medical teams for organizations including the Ironman Triathlon World Championships, Association of Volleyball Professionals (AVP) Tour, the USA Cricket World Tour, BMX World Cup Pro Tour, VANs Pro Skateboarding and BMX Tour, Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) Tour, and the Mountain Dew Tour.

On the national level, Dr. Koh works with U.S. Olympic Training Centers located in San Diego and Colorado Springs. He assists Team USA for the following sports: weightlifting, beach and indoor volleyball, boxing, gymnastics, taekwondo, sailing, bobsled and skeleton, cricket, and track and field. He travels internationally alongside these teams as well. He has treated Olympic gold medalists in volleyball, taekwondo, gymnastics, bobsled, skeleton, and track and field. He is a certified provider for Immediate Care in Rugby (ICIR) for Team USA Rugby. Dr. Koh was part of Team USA Medical Team for the Pan-American Games and the NCAA Tae Kwon Do Medical Team.  He also participated in treating athletes from the Chinese Olympic committee.

Dr. Koh has enjoyed working within the entertainment industry. He has assisted singers, stuntmen, Broadway actors, producers, as well as Academy Award winners. He has been on national and international tours for So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing with the Stars, Ringling Bros, Black Sabbath, Beyoncé, Carrie Underwood, and Taylor Swift.

Within the medical-legal field, Dr. Koh has served as an expert witness for litigation cases representing universities, national skilled nursing facilities, and the government. He is currently contracted by the U.S. Government for lawsuits involving the U.S. Department of Health and Medicare. Subject cases include soft tissue mobilization, joint thrust techniques, and rehabilitation exercise malpractice.

Dr. Koh values public safety after witnessing multiple assaults of healthcare professionals in the field. He is a graduate of the FBI Citizens Academy and a volunteer for the FBI Special Agents and Hostage Rescue Team Training Centers. He helps instructs  agents nationwide on kidnappings, mass arrests, and other scenarios. He is an instructor for the Los Angeles Police Department and for the Department of Homeland Security Active Shooter course. He has also completed the FBI’s: Mass Violence Prevention in Schools course, Active Shooter Preparation Action Recovery Training course, Advanced Situational Awareness Training (ASAT) and Pre-incident Indicator Course.

On a personal level, Dr. Koh is trained in self-defense techniques used at the military level, including Close Quarters Defense (CQD) which is used by the Navy SEALS. He has been practicing Krav Maga for over 9 years. Dr. Koh is also a certified CPR/First Aid/AED instructor.

Dr. Koh is an expert consultant and research contributor for Sketchers, Inc., Taylor-Made Golf, Inc., NBA Head Trainers Association, U.S. Olympic Sports Med Dept., Muscle-Aid Tape, Inc., Aspen Medical Products, Inc., and the USC School of Physical Therapy. He has published various articles for national physical therapy publications such as Advance Magazine and In Motion Magazine. 

Dr. Koh believes in a clinician that is well rounded in all aspects of physical therapy. Through his own experience, he has treated a wide range of demographics in various settings. His expertise has benefited industries outside of healthcare, such as sports and entertainment, legal sector, and corporate businesses. 

Dr. Koh was awarded one of the “Best Physical Therapists in Southern California” by KCAL9/KTLA5 Television Stations in Los Angeles.

  • Over 22 years of experience in Sports & Orthopedic PT for athletes in NBA, NFL, NCAA, MLB, and Olympic Teams
  • International Olympic Medical Team Provider
  • Team USA Volleyball Medical Team Member
  • Team USA Weightlifting Medical Team Member
  • Team USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach
  • Team USA Bobsled & Skeleton Medical Team Member
  • Team USA Sailing Medical Team Member
  • Team USA Track and Field Medical Team Member
  • Team USA Fencing Medical Provider
  • NCAA Tae Kwon Do Medical Team Member
  • AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Medical Team Member
  • Vans Pro Skateboarding Medical Team Member
  • Mountain Dew Tour Medical Team Member
  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
  • U.S. Government Expert Witness for Physical Therapy
  • Speaker to PT Schools, Medical Schools, & International PT Conferences worldwide